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My as yet untitled third book. It is full written and is currently in the editing stages - I am also playing around with some illustrations to accompany certain sections of the book.

It has been an incredibly difficult book for me to write because I have finally opened up about relationships and about mental abuse. There are four parts that make up the book; Relationships, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression & Anxiety and Determination.

There is a mixture of diary entries, passages of text, poems and drawings. It was put together over the course of two years, during which time I have been on medication for depression. 

It will end up being around 200 pages long and is due for release in July 2017.

You will be charged immediately and the book will ship the day of release. Please note that this price is a special pre-order offer and once it is released it will go up to it's full price of £14.50

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