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Various articles, interviews and mental health resources that I have been featured in over the years. If you have featured any of my WillowHope articles or videos on your website, please contact me so I can include links to your page here!


"Willow Marsden's Video Blogs

I have just spent a fascinating afternoon with Willow Marsden via her Video Blogs.  She explains on one video blog that she knows she is pronouncing Asperger Syndrome wrong but she does not like the hard G so she is going to say it the way she likes--with a soft G.  It is a tiny little detail and just for the record, I too think the soft G sounds better. Like so many little details that Willow explores on her blog posts, it seems significant in her life story. Willow has an unusual ability to articulate aspects of growing up as a girl with a form of autism and this would have been reason enough to enjoy her video blog.  But what was truly compelling was that after watching a year's worth of Willow's life I came to believe that she has not just decided to pronounce Asperger Syndrome as she chooses--she has decided deal with Asperger Syndrome on her own terms..."

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Poetry Feature


Every day that slips away

I sink further in my mind,

if it’s not a normal day

I lose all sense of time;

routine helps keep the peace

in my upside down world..."

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Video Feature

Asperger's and Girls

"Willow Marsden, which calls herself 'Willow Hope', is a girl with Asperger Syndrome who has her own video blog on YouTube. She is worth checking out for more information on girls with Asperger's..."

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One girl with Asperger Syndrome

"I have to start with telling you that the biggest problem, or challenge(!!), for me – and supposedly other aspies – is being social. I really like one of the ways Willow “Hope” Marsden explained how she experienced this:

“I felt like everybody got their copy of “the social rules”, but I never received my copy”.

Willow has a lot of helpful things to say, I recommend you check out her videoblog on YouTube, or Willow and her boyfriends forum: asperclick.com"

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Radio Interview

 "The Girl In The Panda Hat

What a wonderful show we have today Sandy and I will be interviewing Willow Hope, author of the girl in the panda hat. Poetry will be read during this show and we will be getting into Willows inspiration and story..."

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Blog Post - Part of 1000 Ausome Things for The Autism Positivity Project 

We’re on the last day of Autism Awareness Month. I love that there is a whole month where everyone is supposed to spread awareness, but it should go beyond April. It should just be something that we all do, all the time. Autism needs to be something that everyone is very aware of, rather than just thinking they know all about it because they've seen Rain Man. For those of us on the spectrum, and for those who know us, we do try to raise awareness all the time – whether it’s at the schools our children go to, or through things we do to reach out to a wider audience, through blogs and videos, and by supporting people on forums and at groups.

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Radio Feature

20:35 minutes into this radio show, my video comparing Asperger Syndrome and Borderline Personality Disorder is played and then discussed.