What's Happened to Society?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I’m not really sure I’ll ever understand a person’s need to pass comment on someone else’s appearance or lifestyle (that isn’t affecting anyone else in the slightest). This is something that’s always annoyed me, but this blog post was prompted by a couple of people commenting on my tattoos, telling me that they wish I would stop getting them as I will regret them, that they will fuel my depression, that they’re illogical, I’m a walking cliché and mentally damaged. I mean…there’s a lot to unpack there, but to comment directly about me in a negative way is such a low form of bullying. I understand that some people dislike tattoos but having an opinion about something is still not a reason to attack a person. It’s not just my tattoos that people pass comment on, but it’s the latest, since my tattoos are relatively new.

I won’t go into how I don’t see why tattoos have such a bad reputation in todays society, because that’s a long debate to have; the main issue is this need people feel to blurt out their opinion of another person, to their face, and the idea that they’re immune because nine times out of ten they’re doing it online, anonymously. Also, the mistake that a lot of people in my generation make, is forgetting that behind the computer screen there’s a real person reading their nasty, spiteful, hate filled comments.

If you wouldn’t be perfectly happy to say it to my face, in real life, then why on earth would it be okay to say it to me in a comment on the internet? And also, if you wouldn’t be cool with hearing the same or similar about yourself, to your face, then why do you think it’s fine to say it to other people. Where have our manners gone? Why are we no longer polite and willing to be helpful? And whilst I’m at it, why are people genuinely shocked when I’m polite or helpful in real life? Have things really reached a point in society where vile behaviour is expected and tolerated, but someone saying ‘thank you, have a lovely evening’ in a store is a total shock?

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