What Does A Partner Want? Help For Autistic People

In a very general sense, people, not just women, tend to enjoy little things that are done to show affection or love or care, which they don’t have to ask for because then it doesn’t seem or feel as genuine, even though that doesn’t automatically make something non-genuine. Things like, offering to help with tasks they may be visibly struggling with or are reluctant to do. Or just getting them a snack or drink when you feel like having a snack or drink. Or suggesting to do something together, even if it’s just something small.

Individual people will want different things and it’s something you learn as you get to know each other. People have different love languages - so some people will show and want to receive love in the form of, for example: acts of service - helping around the house etc., others will prefer intimacy/affection. It’s always worth trying to learn your significant others love language, both so you can show them in ways they appreciate best but also so you can recognise the ways in which they show you love. But I would add that changing yourself for another person is never a good thing to do. Unless it’s a goal you have and they encourage you to reach it. But solely changing for someone else, especially when it’s not something you are concerned with changing for yourself, is something to avoid. The right person will be accepting of who you are. It’s taken me a long time and a lot of wrong people, including being abused, to find someone who loves me for me and doesn’t require me to change. It’s hard to hear ‘the right person will come along’ when you’ve not experienced that so far, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

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