Preventing or Curing Autism

Updated: Jun 7

This is a bit of a controversial topic, but I still feel it’s worth sharing my person viewpoint. However I do need to be clear that I do not wish to eradicate Autism in terms of…either remove the person with autism or remove the autism from the person. What I personally feel would be nice, if it were possible, would be if I was going to get pregnant, if I could take a tablet that meant my baby wouldn’t develop autism.

I think there are issues with screening for it, as that opens up a can of worms to do with abortions if autism was detected. And there are certainly issues with a cure for autism, since it’s so ingrained in a person, neurologically, that taking it away seems impossible without erasing the person. Treating specific symptoms of autism, or comorbid issues, like anxiety or depression – sure, but autism on the whole, doesn’t seem like something that should or could be cured.

But since it develops in the womb, a magic pill to prevent it ever being a possibility would be my choice. I know there are people who don’t even think that should be a thing, because autism isn’t a bad thing. But as a person with autism, who has struggles and continues to struggle, I would rather prevent my child from having to struggle like that. And realistically, what parent wouldn’t want to prevent their child from any harm or struggles or suffering, of any kind, if at all possible?

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