I admit that I do enjoy watching prank videos – I have done for years now, however, I feel like it’s kind of gotten out of hand. I don’t wish to be a spoil sport, but hear me out…

At school, a prank, most of the time (at least in my case), was just a thinly veiled way of making fun of someone, which done enough times pretty much translates into bullying – the reason? Because it’ll get everyone’s attention and they’ll all laugh with you, at the victim, not with the victim, making you the tough, funny guy – or whatever.

To me, a prank should be played on a friend, in a light hearted way – because you know them well and you know how they’ll take it, or you know they’ll laugh about it pretty soon afterwards. It needs to be played on a person you know, or at least, someone involved with that person needs to be in on the prank, otherwise it just seems unfair.

‘It’s a prank – it’s just a prank *holds hands up*’, isn’t something you can say to make everything okay when what you’ve done has p*ssed of a person. It’s not a ‘get out of jail free card’, so to speak, when you’re doing it to a stranger, and none of their friends or family are in on it. Lots of people are up for being the victim of a prank, and plenty are ‘cool’ with it afterwards and they’re okay for it to end up on the internet, which is fine for those people, but I’m sure there are plenty who don’t feel so okay about it, and that must suck. Depending on what the prank is, I can see that I’d be fine with it, but I can also see it causing me to have a panic attack, which is not cool!

Before you speak to a person, you have no idea about a whole host of things to do with them – maybe they’re; paranoid, having a bad day or incredibly shy…more seriously, they might have; a weak heart, mental issues or to be fair, they could just be a not nice person who’s more than happy to punch you…really hard, way before you had a chance to tell them it’s a prank.

Not to mention that some pranks are just super distasteful; I wish it wasn’t a ‘thing’ to go out into the public and play any sort of prank on any sort of person, and film it for YouTube…because funny. I’ve seen pranks which I’m surprised didn’t give every victim a heart attack (Google ‘Killer Clown Scare Prank’, or don’t, if you don’t like pranks or clowns, or blood.) – I do hope that in every incident, the people organising the prank made sure everyone who ran away, fearing for their life, was caught up and told that it wasn’t real, otherwise, hello expensive therapy bill!

All I’m saying is that whilst it is all in good fun, I bet it goes wrong a lot, and that people aren’t always so awesome about things. Personal space is important and pranks go so far beyond invading that a lot of the time. Be cool people, don’t be thoughtless.

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