Lining Things Up and Being Organized

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I’d like to think I’m a fairly tidy person – our house is usually presentable, at least. I’m fussy with the things that don’t tend to matter though, like the way my desk is arranged. To a lot of people my desk probably looks cluttered and unorganized, as would my dressing table; but it’s all in a specific place which makes the most sense for the amount it’s used. So the things I need most are easy to get to, and things which I rarely use or are just for decoration aren’t really accessible. I like things to line up in a certain way; if things have straight lines, then I like them to be parallel with the other straight lines – and I like things to be grouped in odd numbers, so usually in three’s.

I’m also very particular with the way things are cleaned. I dislike cleaning because it usually makes my back hurt, but when I do it, I really go all out and end up getting a little but obsessive with it. On a similar note, I’m really, really not comfortable washing my hands with anything other than anti-bacterial soaps, otherwise my hands don’t feel clean; I mean that – I can still feel where I touched something which I considered to be dirty, and I have to wash several times before they just feel the same all over: clean.

I think organizing things like this and being generally tidy overall, is something I’ve always done. When I was little I remember playing with my toy cars, but not like other children did; I used to cut white lines out of paper and lay them all out in the shape of a car park, and then park all the cars up – one colour per line of the car park; and they all had to be perfectly in the space. I remember getting my head right down to the floor and closing one eye and looking straight on at the space and putting the car right in the centre. If I didn’t have my white lines cut out, I would park the cars in a circle with their fronts all facing the centre point, again, in colour order – and I used to get annoyed when I didn’t have enough of a colours to make a circle.

I still line things up and organize things by colour – like with food; the cupboard and fridge/freezer is full of neat little lines and piles of things. And even if it looks messy to other people, it all makes perfect sense to me. I don’t have a lot of room so I’ve had to do the best I can. I stack the canned food like it’s done at the store (I have the cardboard trays they sit on so they stack easier), and I’ll be glad when I have more space so I can have each thing in a line of it’s own rather than it been a bit muddled like it is now. I can’t help it, I just have to line things up – the medicine/toiletry cabinet is the same! Everything tends to look like a store, perfectly organized.

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