Happy New Year

Hello everyone!

Last year was one of the toughest I've ever had. I'm very glad it's a new year. Though I don't really buy into 'new year, new me', and I don't wait for new year to make changes. Time is time. Just, do things when you can. However, I do want to spend this year working on my mental health - I'm in my second lot of therapy for PTSD, and the bulk of it will take place this year, as it was only really getting started last year. I also want to get my YouTube channel and website, and the Discord version of Asperclick, back to their former glory, as well as building up my Twitch channel too.

I also am selling the very final copy of my book 'The Other Side: Living with Asperger Syndrome', as it has been out of print now for several months, due to personal reasons, and will never be printed or sold again in any format. So it's the very last chance to get hold of that if you want it, or if you just want the special edition final copy (bid on it here)

I've started posting more to my YouTube channel and all my other social media, and I hope to carry on with this from now on. So, follow me around the internet here!

As for streaming, I will be playing a variety of games, I haven't settled on a favourite yet, so it'll be a mixed bag. But I will chat about my mental health, being on the spectrum and having fibromyalgia. So, it'll be a safe space for people who have similar struggles, and I hope you'll come and hang out with me. My schedule as I start out will be Wednesdays and Sundays on twitch, and I may add a livestream on YouTube at some point as well, and hopefully as time goes on I can stream more regularly.

I hope everyone is doing okay. It's a different world we live in now and that has brought with it so many new struggles, but also some blessings I guess. I have managed to avoid getting Covid so far, though my booster jab (the third vaccine) did take me out for a while, I was very poorly, and even lost some functionality of my limbs, so that was awful, but I am mostly better now.

Stay safe everyone x

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