Hair Transformation

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I used to have crazy long, natural hair:

And then one summer I got it cut. No big deal. But then I got diagnosed with an under active thyroid and fibromyalgia, and that, plus the medication for that, can affect hair quality and hair growth. So after nearly 2 years my hair hasn't grown at all. The latter 6 months of that time I had made a conscious effort and spent a lot of money to try and help my hair grow and be absolutely no avail. Each time I was getting a trim it was just getting shorter because it hadn’t grown in between cuts.

Now, I’m mostly happy with they way I look. Yes, I’ve put weight on, but with my health working against me there too I feel I’m doing okay, all things considered. And I was too thin a few years ago anyway. But my hair...I missed my long hair so much! I’d had it cut thinking it’d be shorter for a while and then it’d grow back and I’d keep it long again. But no such luck. Knowing that it would pretty much never be long again (the ends were always brittle and breaking anyway, so it would have struggled to stay long even if it grew) I decided to get hair extensions. It’s a huge purchase and something I never normally would have ever thought about. But my hair became a major source of depressions and anxiety for me as the months passed by. Which sounds stupid but it’s true. I missed it SO much it actually would bring me to tears.

My extensions have brought my hair almost back to the length it was before and I couldn’t be happier with them. I feel 100% like myself again. I knew it was an issue for me but I hadn’t realized just how much better I would feel with my long hair again. My friend paid over half the cost of getting it done, because he knew how much it meant to me, and I could never afford it by myself. And I’m so grateful to him and the wonderful lady who put the extensions in for me.

I just thought I’d share! Over here living my best damn life!!

Here's a before and after that the salon took:

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