Food Shopping

When I go grocery shopping, I usually only get a small trolley – mostly because I just can’t reach to the bottom of the big trolleys – but it’s more often than not full to bursting, so it’s quite a lot of stuff. I go around the store the same way every week and I write my shopping list in the order that it will be in the store. Oh, I also travel well out of my way to go to a store which I like better than all of the others because they A) have really high ceilings B) have nice coloured lights and C) stock everything that I need to buy.

I order the food in the trolley the same way every week and like to make sure that it’s organized fairly straight, so things sit nicely together without many gaps and so I can stack similar shaped things – and I also group similar products; then I load it onto the conveyor belt thingy for the cashier to beep it in a similar way, no gaps or anything and never really double things up unless it’s the same product. I’m strange like that!

See, the problem comes when the cashier is beeping the items through at the speed of light and I don’t have a chance to pack the bags the way I’d like. I like to put a couple of heavy things in and then stack some light things up the side; all the vegetables go together, all the meat goes together and all the toiletries/cleaning products go together. It usually just about balances out and I can get the bags packed well enough so that they will stand up in the car ride home. But like I said, when they beep through things too quickly I can’t do it how I like to – plus, half the time no bags are opened so I have to mess around trying to open the bags, which actually panics me a little because it’s wasting time and they’re still busy beeping things through!

So, the real problem comes when all of the above as happened and I’ve not been quick enough and the cashier starts to pack things for me! GRR! They never pack it how I want and their bags never stand up in the car ride home and it just really frustrates me. But realistically, there’s nothing I can do about it! I just get mildly annoyed, slightly panicky and then a little miffed at home when I’m unpacking and things are in stupid places.

Rant over…

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