Dullness and Decluttering

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Today was a particularly dull day. I think the weather was dull – I’m not entirely sure because by the time I paid it any attention it was already dark. But my mind was dull. This was one of my cloudy days – I have a lot of those lately. So this stupid sinus infection thingy that I’m currently stuck with is really starting to get to me now. I can’t breathe properly and I can’t eat properly. I’ve mostly been eating noodles, or other thin, squashy foods. And don’t get me wrong, I love noodles. All about the noodles. But when it’s not by choice and my only other option is soup…yeah, it’s a bit dull.

My kitten was being extra cuddly today, which was nice, cause I really needed the cuddles. He’s so damn cute. All of the love. I tried to organise my room a little today, because I’ve just had boxes of things laying around for days now and it makes my head feel messy. So I managed to make it a bit less cluttered, so I’m at least pleased with that. But the rest of today was kinda pointless as I ended up sleeping for almost all of it due to various aches and pains and complete exhaustion.

On a more positive, but not entirely useful, note – my Pokemon card collection is coming along nicely. It’s something I’ve been focussing on whilst I’ve not being doing so well, and it’s something I can do without much effort that I really enjoy. I’ve been both buying and selling, and as tedious as it may seem, I find it fun. I won’t bore you with the details of my collection, don’t panic!

So on reflection, today was a bit of a waste, but I’m not going to get annoyed about it, because that’s not going to magically make it not a waste, and it will just upset me further. Instead I’m going to focus on the fact that I managed to eat food despite being ill, decluttered my room a little, listed some Pokemon cards for sale and sorted a few of my own cards out and I managed to have a bath and wash my hair. Simple things, but things that I struggle with when I’m not doing so well. So eating and bathing are actually really big achievements, as lame as that sounds.

Moo Moo, my kitten:

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