Updated: Aug 26, 2021

It’s been a mixed couple of days. I haven’t been able to achieve as much as I’d have liked to, but it’s a slow process, and I understand that – it’s just sometimes hard to feel motivated enough to fight the fight. A good friend of mine took me for a cinema day over the weekend, we saw Rogue One and Split. Split is a film I’ve been eagerly waiting for, for some months now, and I wasn’t disappointed. Though there was a confusing twist at the end, and now I need to consider watching another film, but even so, it was good. Some incredible acting from James McAvoy! I tend to enjoy most films in general, but some of my favourites usually end up focussing around mental illness or disorder – this one being Dissociative Identity Order (Multiple Personality Disorder).

So anyway, that was a good day, but very tiring. I’m still not very well, so being out overwhelms me faster than it normally does and I get super tired, super quickly. Whilst I was out I popped into Hobbycraft because I’ve really been feeling like getting back into drawing – and I have been gradually purchasing some new pencils and markers etc, but in Hobbycraft I found some Copic markers! I was super happy cause I’ve never seen them in a store in the UK haha, so I grabbed a wide ish variety of colours, with a couple of projects in mind and merrily went on my way. When I got home that evening I made a quick sketch of Pikachu, which, to say I haven’t really drawn in a good year or two, wasn’t half bad.

Today has been much more of a fail though, as I was supposed to be going into town to the post office and to pick up some more drinks which I’ve found, that I’m really enjoying at the moment. After debating with myself all morning whether I felt well enough to get up and go out, I had to give my parcels to my Mum and tell her which drink it was so she could bring some back. As a result, I ended up asleep almost all of the day; but like, really, really asleep. Couldn’t have woken up properly if I’d tried. It was really bizarre, and I really don’t like days where I feel like this because it’s such an immediate waste.

To try and feel a little better with today I made another sketch with my awesome markers. I was going to leave it but then when I was looking at my fish I realised that my biggest one, Finneon (Derpy is his nickname because he swims upside down a lot), doesn’t look very well. He’s a lot less active than he normally is and there’s a couple of marks on him that aren’t part of his usual markings. Anyway, it kind of got me worried and I was a bit upset at the thought of potentially losing him, so I decided to draw a picture of him. I’ve not had him a year yet – my other two, Magikarp II and Goldeen have just had their 1st birthdays, but I got Finneon much later.

Moo Moo, my kitten, was really cuddly today, which was nice cause I was feeling pretty awful all day. My friend recently bought me a fidget toy – a spinner thing – and Moo is fascinated by it so he was just laid on bed with me watching it spin. My hamster, Marshmallow, is also doing well – he’s had a new cage for a couple of weeks now and he’s settled in nicely. He’s so cute, and so organised; he takes food from his bowls or from the hanging snack bars and puts it all in a neat pile at the bottom of his cage. But he’s also an anxious ball of fat, bless him, and he cries sometimes when he’s unsettled. He’s adorable. I love my pets a lot, they cheer me up when I’m having bad days. My Mum will bring Moo upstairs to see me if I’m stuck in bed. <3

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