Do You Ever Worry You Don't Have Asperger's?

Question answered by members of the former forum 'Asperclick'.

For those of you with a diagnosis, do you ever worry that it is a misdiagnosis? Either because you just feel it doesn't fit, or because you sometimes look at how other people are and worry that you're coping better so maybe you don't have it? I sometimes think that I've 'grown out' of Asperger's, until I realise that I've just learnt to cope better as I've gotten older.

"I have a mental image of a grid of 500 squares, each one representing a trait of AS. Each person will tick a different amount and combination of those traits within their character. For a diagnosis of AS they would need to tick between a third and two thirds of those squares. Below a third would be NT and above two thirds would be classic Autism. For every person who is in the AS 'zone' they will have their own combination of traits. Some of them will be outwardly obvious and some may be more hidden. This means that each AS person cannot be the same as another and so comparisons person to person are misleading." - Annaflower

" On some days I really feel I have it, and on other days I feel I'm "normal" and wonder if it's all in my imagination. In 1991 I was diagnosed with "Social Phobia" and I sometimes wonder if that's what I have and not ASD, as AS wasn't mentioned to me at the time, perhaps I managed to mask my AS traits a bit better - but there again I have other symptoms of ASD like special interests and sensory problems... I think that in the end one has to have faith in the opinion of the professionals who diagnose you, if you don't there will always be that element of doubt." -


" Autism does define me but not in a negative way, it is just because it is all that I am. I wouldn't be me if I didn't have autism. It does give me a meaning. I would be feeling awfully confused with myself why I was not like everyone else if I did not have this diagnosis. All I have ever known is having autism from having it known since I was 4. " - SM

"I don't think I'd be upset if I found out it was a misdiagnosis... It would raise some questions about why things have been the way they are for me, but I don't feel connected to the label or the communities. Sometimes I feel like they almost hold me back, like I'm expected to fail, struggle, and not care about anyone or else I'll get doubt and shifty glances for daring to be social, want the things I do, or like the things I like. Like if I'm not stereotypically Aspie enough, then I'm an outsider." - coffeebean

"Initially, I was afraid of not having AS, but I was also very confident in my symptoms.  It's a bit jarring to be worried that you might not have a mental disorder, but then I guess I don't really view it as a mental disorder." - TheWizardofCalculus

"Asperger's just feels right in a way I can't really explain, unlike all of the other things I've considered along the way. Maybe I worry about it because it's been such a long journey to get to where I am now, and I would hate to be lost again in the place I used to be, where I had no idea just why I'm the way I am." - storm-petrel

"It irritates me that a diagnosis may depend on whether or not my current life cuircumstances exacerbate my symptoms, when I have worked so hard to create a life which relieves them." - BirdSong

" I do worry that if I didn't have AS I would lose a very convincing explanation of the sort of person I am and the difficulties I face. Perhaps it would mean that I am simply incompetent at many things or lack the motivation to change my deficiencies and have only used AS as an "excuse". I think it's very likely I would get an AS diagnosis but perhaps the concern that I wouldn't deters from me making a consultation. I'm sure even if I didn't get an AS diagnosis there would be other likely diagnoses of conditions such as anxiety, social anxiety and possibly OCD and depression. Whether a person is diagnosed or not it's important to know personal strengths and weaknesses and to make adaptations or seek help for the weaknesses accordingly." - Sanctuary

" Basically, I see "Asperger's" as a label that best explains me.  Now that I have a term by which I can understand myself, I can work on improving myself." - 史越瀚
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