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Hey everyone!

I'm finally creating content on a regular basis and enjoying it. It's taken me years of recovery after leaving my abusive relationship to be able to feel comfortable enough to start being a YouTuber/content creator again. Terms like 'content creator' and 'influencer' didn't really exist when I first started making videos. But I guess I do fit under those categories, and feeling happy to be that now is such a relief.

I have a schedule that I'm really happy with, I have created an Asperclick subreddit in the hopes of rebuilding our little community, and I'm posting daily across all social media platforms. And yet, I have no personal social media accounts! I have no problems sharing things in a 'professional' capacity, to fit alongside my videos etc., but posting in a 'personal' capacity on accounts filled with friends and acquaintances was just so draining for me, so I deleted my accounts, or renamed them to fit with my WillowHope 'brand'.

So with that being said, here are all the places you can find me and what to expect there:

YouTube - daily videos on a whole host of different topics, from Autism and mental health, to ASMR, singing, vlogs and many more. Plus livestreams.

Facebook - discussions, photos, videos, livestreams

Twitter - random thoughts, photos, videos

TikTok - random videos

Twitch - gaming streams

Discord - Asperclick server, discussions on Autism/depression/anxiety etc.

Reddit - Asperclick subreddit, discussions on Autism/depression/anxiety etc.

And here is my schedule:

I also have a Patreon, where exclusive content will be uploaded once a week, with a view to adding more exclusives as I gain more patrons. There's also a sticker included with the top tier donation, and there will be more merch added in time.

Thank you for your continued support. I'm finally getting back to where I should be!



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