Cancelling Plans

Updated: Jun 6

I think it’s safe to say, if you have mental health issues or autism or ADHD…etc., that there are days when you just don’t feel like to can follow through with plans you’ve made. But for me, it’s like there’s only an issue with the pressure it creates, and not necessarily the motivation or energy to do the thing (there are exceptions, like if I’m genuinely not having a good day with depression or fibromyalgia etc.). As soon as I have cancelled the plans, I immediately feel able to get up, get ready and go out to do whatever it is I just cancelled.

I wish there was a way to preliminary cancel something, so my brain is relieved of the pressure, and then I can get ready and still go and it’ll still be actually planned. It’s hard to explain. But, getting up earlier doesn’t help, not thinking about it doesn’t help, pretending to cancel it in my mind doesn’t help. If it’s casual plans with my Mum or someone close to me, I can maybe cancel and then half an hour later when I’m ready to go send a message saying ‘actually, we can go now’, and it’s great, but you can do that with appointments!

Hopefully I can find a way around this one day!

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