Calming Websites For Autism/Asperger's

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I struggle to stay focussed on things when the whole internet is at my fingertips, but instead of literally wasting my time, I decided to try and build up a list of websites which I think would be useful for people on the Autistic Spectrum. Not because they’re full of information, but because I think if you’re stressed out, these would be calming. I find them to be very relaxing, anyway!

In no particular order (because I think they're all good in their own way) -

Silk | Interactive Generative Art

So you mess around with the controls on the left and draw stuffs in the middle. It’s pretty and the music is calming. It reminds me of this toy I used to have as a child, some kind of…spirograph(?!), where you put a pen in and then it held it in place and you drew in circles and it created a picture.

Ball Droppings

Okay, so this can get a bit shrill, but I like the concept. The balls drop at whichever rate you set it to, and you can alter the gravity. Then you just draw lines to allow the balls to bounce off and when they do they make a noise. Don’t try and box them in, it’ll crash pretty fast!


One of my personal favourites! Click play and then either type a nickname in or just go with the set one, and click play again. So, you can pick a colour from the right hand side, each one makes a different sound, and then you hold down the mouse in the grey area to make the noise. You can either hold it down and just randomly move up and down, or you can click individually and be a bit more specific with it. Either way, it always sounds really nice. Other people will be in there too and they can do whatever they want.


The controls are at the bottom right and you can change the sounds and pictures until you feel it’s right for you. Nice to have as background noise, or just through headphones if you’ve had a panic attack or something and you just feel ‘blah’; dark room + headphones + weighted blanket = calm!

Rainy Mood | Rain Makes Everything Better

Very similar to the previous site but it only plays the sound of a storm. I find rain/thunder to be very calming, but I know it bothers some people.


Controls are all in the bottom left corner. You can choose the size of your particle and where you want to see its path as it moves. You can also start off with a ‘proto disk’. Basically, you put down a particle by clicking and you set its path by dragging whilst you’ve still got your mouse held down. When you have lots of particles zooming around they start to react with each other depending on which ones bigger etc. No noise, but kind of addicting all the same.

Audiotool | Tone Matrix

Click on a square and it makes a noise and sends out a wave. When you click more than one, the waves reach the other squares and they make a noise. You very quickly end up with a tune, which sounds catchy. Re-click a square to deactivate it, or just refresh the page to quickly clear it. I like it; it seems to be stress relieving.


Constant streams of colours that follow your mouse around, that alter in intensity when you hold down your mouse. Very mesmerizing, if not a little pointless; you can’t make a picture like you can with Silk, but it’s still a nice site to waste some time on if you are feeling a bit hectic.

Happiness Islands

This is kind of random, but it’s still oddly mesmerizing. You can click on several ‘islands’ and they take you to a site which has a ‘mini-game’ on it. Some are stupid, some are annoying I guess, but they’re all pointless, which for some reason, makes them nice to spend time on when you want to just de-stress. ‘A Beach Bonfire’ is quite nice – it’s just a bonfire and some cola bottles, and you can hear the fire crackling, and if you hover over the bottles, they clink. I haven’t yet been on all of the islands, so have fun deciding which ones are worth it!


A bit of an oddball for my final site; it’s not as pretty or engaging as the others but it’s still fun. You are given a guy and you have to give him a noise to make, when he’s making the noise, you get another guy and you give him a noise to make…etc., until they’re making a song. You get seven guys, and when they’re all singing together it does sound pretty cool!


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