Caffeine vs Autism vs ADHD

I personally don’t have any caffeine in any form, as I found it to exasperate my depression and anxiety symptoms and I would end up feeling horrendous. Coming off of caffeine was really hard and the withdrawal lasted a couple of weeks, but then I started to feel so much better.

I do have ADHD though so I wonder if it has the opposite effect on me because of that, on top of the other negative effects. As, I would always feel like it sapped my energy and made me feel incredibly sleepy and groggy. I did recently see a video from someone with ADHD who eluded to the same thing regarding it having the opposite effect.

Instead, for quick hits of energy I usually eat sweets (candy) or other high sugar snacks. Which works for a short time and I’m happy with it as an alternative. But I don’t often call on it as I usually just nap if that’s what’s needed, but I understand that’s not practical for everyone!

Here’s a post I made about it back when I originally stopped my caffeine intake - with a couple of attached articles which I’d read at the time -

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