Anxiety Last Year

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I had a lot of anxiety which almost led to panic attacks in 2013, but none of them turned into a full blown meltdown or panic attack. A lot of it was, unfortunately, related to running my forum, which I take very seriously and usually get too involved in and end up getting super stressed out. I have since taken a step back from it.

I had the usual amount of panicking about clothes or housework, with a few occasions where I couldn’t make it out of the house because my outfits were all ‘wrong’ or where I had to get out of the house because the housework was too overwhelming.

The annoying thing with my anxiety is that usually, I feel the need to go to the seaside, to hear the sea. It tends to calm me down and I can gain some clarity on things and then return home and tackle everything. It’s annoying because it’s a long way away and aside from not being practical, it’s also just expensive. So on the whole, since turning 21, I’ve had very few incidents, which is a relief. But it just goes to show that when you take away the things you’re not in control of (school), things can be a lot easier.

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