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"Are there different stages of Autism? Is there an appointed time. Must all situations be medicated- and what are the SYNDROMES physically and mentally?"

Autism is a spectrum condition, so it affects everyone with it very differently. There aren't stages but there are varying degrees of severity. People have Autism from birth but sometimes it doesn't get diagnosed until late childhood, or even well into adulthood. This can be for a variety of reasons, included how well some people 'mask' their symptoms, by copying others behaviours to fit in.

Autism can't be medicated and there is no cure, but some people will take medication for related things like depression or anxiety.

Asperger Syndrome is technically an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, though it is not a commonly used diagnosis anymore, as it has been removed from the diagnostic manual, and is much the same as 'Autism' in general.

Autism primarily affects people mentally, and is a different way of processing the world around us and the way we perceive emotions and social interactions. However there can be physical symptoms, whether that is hypersensitivity to any or all of the senses, or whether it comes in the form of exhaustion or burnout.

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