Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Hmm. I a while ago I was looking through a gift catalogue for Christmas gift ideas (okay, so several months ago!) and I got to the toddler section and was browsing through the toys, when it suddenly occurred to me; isn’t is stupid to give our children fake versions of things which are dangerous to them in real life at their age? I’m talking about toy kettles, irons, cookers etc. We can buy them exact replicas of our own grown up ones, should we want to, but if not exact replicas, they all look like what they’re supposed to. Surely when you give a 3+ year old (the recommended age for this very convincing toy kettle I’m looking at) we’re opening ourselves up to a potential disaster? If they think it’s an okay thing to play with what if they get hold of the real thing? Why would they know that’s it’s wrong? And, even if we tell them over and over, won’t they just be confused about why they can’t touch Mummy/Daddy’s kettle, but theirs is fine? Even more dangerous, surely, is a toy cooker… Ugh, I don’t know. It just seems silly to me. Although, I had these things as a child and I very rarely had a run in with the real thing. However, I did touch the hob of our oven when I was 3 or 4 and I burnt my finger – it got a little white bubble on it and it hurt a lot! I hid it from my parents because I thought I’d be in trouble.

Not sure if it was just an accident or something to do with the fact that my toy cooker was okay to touch and that hadn’t burned me, so why would big one?

Just something that I was thinking about…so I thought I’d blog about it instead – it’s more productive.

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