I never went to prom. It’s one of the only things from school that still upsets me. Yes, I was bullied and no, I don’t have many fond memories but that doesn’t bother me anymore – it all made me stronger in the end, so it’s fine. But I never, went, to prom. I just wanted the dress, the corsage, the limo ride and the perfect hair. I can’t dance and I didn’t have a date – but I just wanted it. I drove past my prom, I made someone take me out to the venue and we drove by – didn’t really see much though. I flicked through endless photos from my prom. But I didn’t go. Three times I should have had a prom and three times I missed out. Number one was at my own school, and I was a year away from prom when I left the school due to bullying. Number two was at a friend’s school, but they wouldn’t let people from another school attend! And number three was at my own school again, when I was in a year group that was younger than me – I left about 7 months before prom. I was so sure this would be the one – third time lucky - that I’d even started trying dresses on. This is the prom I drove past. It was the one where I’d made the most friends and would have had the most fun. I just watched a TV show where they were having their prom – which is why this blog post is happening. It’s one of those things that you can NEVER get back if you miss the chance. It’s stupid – I know it is, but I will never have prom, ever – and it just gets to me. I wanted it so much.

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