Unfinished Pieces


'Personal Statment' - unfinished

"From a young age I have always predominantly admired two things; the great outdoors and the written word. My Dad used to take me to all kinds of interesting places to go hiking and I can always remember noticing how the light fell on different surfaces, or how the sky contrasted with the season or weather according to the trees: my favourite being a stormy day in the height of summer with luscious green leaves against an eerily dark sky. The rest of my childhood was spent drawing, writing stories and reading.

Photography to me is a wordless diary, a numberless clock. It is something which has the power to freeze an exact moment in time and keep it forever in a way that words would fail to do so. A single photograph can tell you how someone is feeling, when that person cannot. But in other circumstances, a photograph is a blank canvas for our minds to fill in and try to decipher. I do not keep a diary, but I do remember my life through the photographs I take. I love to experiment with different styles but my heart lies with landscapes and reflections. I like to take photographs from unusual angles to give a different perspective of the world, because that’s how I see the world through my Aspergers Syndrome." 

'Upside Down' excerpt - unfinished short story

“It’s an odd story – the one which I would have to tell to explain to all you fine people why I am currently hung upside down, swinging by my shoelaces, hoping that this exquisite chandelier was put up with some decent fittings 200 or so years ago, or however long it was – I don’t care. The point is – it’s an odd story. I think I’m going to have to tell it though. So just give me a sec to figure out where to start, and I will begin. I mean, I could start when I was born, because everything I did from that point added to the likelihood of this happening – had I not done everything as I did, in the order I did it, I probably wouldn’t be here. But you’re right, of course, that would perhaps be a fraction too long. So maybe, then, I should start when I met him.”


'Reflections' - unedited poem

And as I watch you fall,

I wonder how much I should help,

When it was I who pushed you,

And as I hear you call,

I wish you could save yourself,

You've got nothing left to hold on to,

And as I think it over,

You get nearer to the ground,

So far away from me now,

If only you were closer,

Maybe you could be found,

And then they'd show you how,

But as I pay more attention,

I notice something strange,

As light fades and it gets dimmer,

I notice my own reflection,

And with a stolen flash of pain,

I reach for myself inside the mirror.