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Chapter Seven - Fitting In

Here are some photos of me and Stacey:

I look pretty annoyed that it's still her turn!

Face painting at school.

Here I am with Chloe and Aimee at what I assume is my birthday party!

Here are some more photos of me from around this age:

I remember being on the ride in the left photo, but I'm not one hundred percent sure where it was taken - it might be Blackpool. The right hand side is me dressed up as Bo Peep, but I have no idea what for - I do remember how damn scratchy that hat and vest were though!

This is somewhere I loved visiting (and still do) - it's called Thaymar Ice Cream, and they have the best ice cream ever! They used to have this slide there, and I loved going on it - but it's not there anymore (not that I'd fit!).

And here's a video of me at various points throughout 1998: 


If you watched the video above, you'll see me open a pencil case for Christmas - I still have it now, so I thought I'd include a photo of it (it has a collection of old pens and pencils, which I've collected over the years, inside, which I laid out with it).

My school report from 1998:

Summary: Willow has made a smooth transition to Class 2. She adapted quickly to the different demands made upon her. She is co-operative, diligent and has excellent powers of concentration. She is able to work independently in a variety of situations and her work is of a very high standard.

Language and Literacy (Speaking and Listening): Willow usually listens carefully and makes suitable responses; she can give details to extend her ideas.

Language and Literacy (Reading): Willow is a keen and enthusiastic reader. She reads fluently and with expression and has read a wide range of fiction and information texts.

Language and Literacy (Writing): Her writing is neat, well-formed and joined. Her independent writing is of excellent quality and always follows the required format. Basic sentence structure is good, and spelling is excellent.

Mathematics: Willow shows interest, enthusiasm and confidence in this subject. Her ability to grasp new concepts is excellent. Her understanding of number bonds and the operations of addition and subtraction is very sound.

Science: Willow shows good interest in scientific exploration. She can formulate her own questions, make accurate observations, and record her results in a number of ways. She is quick to learn and use appropriate vocabulary.

Other areas of experience and knowledge: Willow shows a developing understanding of religious benefits. Her artwork demonstrates attention to detail. She has used appropriate skills for design and technology. Her computer work is at an appropriate level, mouse control is good. She has been able to learn about the past from stories and through close examination of artefacts. She was quick to understand compass point, and enjoyed learning map skills. Willow’s use of geographical language is good. She has been learning about sound production and rhythm through sound stories.

Sports, Clubs and other interests: Willow has enjoyed parachute games, and has been a keen participant in all aspects of the PE curriculum.

Attendance: 302/312

My swimming certificates from 1998:

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