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Chapter Eight - Top of the Class

My school report from 1999:

Summary: During the last year Willow’s progress has continued to be excellent. She has a mature approach to school work, is always interested in improving her already excellent standards; and this is reflected in her level of achievement. She is a very sensible, reliable girl, who is a credit to her family and herself.

Language and Literacy (Speaking and Listening): Willow demonstrates confidence when speaking and listening. She incorporates much relevant detail when explaining her ideas and uses extensive vocabulary.

Language and Literacy (Reading): Willow is a fluent and expressive reader; she enjoys poetry, fiction and non-fiction and is confident when discussing plot and character.

Language and Literacy (Writing): Her handwriting is neat, well-proportioned and correctly joined. She spells keywords correctly and also has the ability to spell longer words correctly. Her writing always reflects purpose and contains correct punctuation.

Mathematics: Her mental recall of addition and subtraction facts is excellent, and she is aware of place value, using hundreds, tens and units. She is developing a good understanding of multiplication and division. She is able to explain properties of 2D and 3D shape using correct mathematical terms. Her grasp of time, coin value and measure is excellent.

Science: Willow is very interested in science activities. Her recording of experiments shows good attention to detail. She is able to make suggestions when carrying out experiments. Her understanding of life processes is excellent, and her general scientific knowledge is extensive.

Other areas of experience and knowledge: Willow has shown interest in learning about Christianity and Judaism. She is quick to understand how to use new software and her computer skills are good. She works carefully and independently to produce models in design and technology and deploys a good range of observational skills in art. Willow responds well to musical activities and can express her ideas appropriately. She can describe and compare the physical and human features of different localities. Willow shows an increasing understanding of chronology gained from the use of historical sources.

Sports, Clubs and other interests: Willow is developing into a strong swimmer, and she participates fully in all areas of physical education.

Attendance: 298/312 

At this stage, I am still progressing at a normal rate to the other children with regards to physical education, but in later reports, as you will see, my ability in sports drops to average or below.

Here are my swimming certificates from 1999:


As the years went on, again, my swimming started to become average, at best, compared to other children - and most of my higher achievements were done through pity, I'm sure, since I basically did 'doggy paddle'. I also remember having to have special permission from my Dad to allow me to wear goggles, as I couldn't deal with getting water in my eyes, at all! On top of that, I usually had to stop every few lengths to take my inhaler, which would always be at the side of the pool, until I got too embarrassed by the fact that I couldn't use my the inhaler without the aero chamber.

Here are a couple of awards I was given in 1999 - I had a lot of awards, but there's no point in showing them all!

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