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Chapter Six - Two Versions of Myself

When my parents separated, they stopped taking as many photos and videos - all of the videos are with my Dad, and my Mum didn't get a camera for a while. So, for this chapter, I'll talk about my teddy bear: Tina.

Here I am with Tina, before my parents divorced I think - but that's not the point; I just want a picture of me and her together!

The pink teddy bear clay model I made in chapter three was supposed to be Tina!

I got Tina when I was about two or three years old, and she's called Tina because it was the name of a character on the TV show 'Casualty'.

Tina was my equivalent of a comfort blanket, and she came everywhere with me. She got packed into suitcases for holidays, strapped into the car for long journeys, and carted between my parents houses (unless I forgot her, like I did in this chapter).

I still have her now, she's not pink anymore though - just a faded, murky colour.

Here she is now:


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