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Chapter Eleven - Dislocated

I can't find a single photograph or video from when I had my cast on - however, it was only on for a couple of weeks or so, so maybe that's why. Instead I can share some things from school at around this age.

Here is my school report for 2000 - this was the first report from junior school, after moving up to the new site from infant school:

Summary: It has been a pleasure having Willow in the class this year. She is polite, well-mannered and reliable. She has made excellent progress in all subjects. Willow is only satisfied with the highest standard in all aspects of her school work. Well done!

Language and Literacy: Willow always listens attentively during literacy hour. She readily participates in discussion work displaying a mature vocabulary and a high level of interests in the chosen text. She reads with fluency and expression. Willow enjoys a wide variety of reading material and demonstrates excellent comprehension skills. Her creative writing shows a good imagination and interesting use of language. Willow’s punctuation is accurate, as is her spelling. Her presentation and handwriting are both of a very high standard.

Mathematics: Willow’s recall in mental maths has improved greatly this year. She is quick, accurate and able to use a range of strategies. She has worked very hard on her tables. Willow has a good understanding of place value and works confidently with numbers to 1000. She is able to explain what she is doing using appropriate mathematical language.

Science: Willow works with great enthusiasm in Science. She demonstrates very good science skills, including the ability to predict outcome, observe, measure and record results appropriately. She has shown a good understanding of the concepts covered this year.

Other areas of experience and knowledge: Willow works with confidence on the computer. She is able to communicate information in a variety of ways, including text and graphics. She enjoys History and demonstrates a good understanding of the concept of chronology. She has studied risks and the local environment in Geography. Willow is able to make comparisons between different religions. She appreciates the music of different times and cultures. In Art, she uses paint and materials effectively to produce interesting compositions. Willow has practised a variety of skills in Technology, including measuring, cutting, sticking and sawing.

Sports, clubs and other interests: Willow works with enthusiasm in Netball and Rounder sans is becoming a skilful worker. She has made progress in swimming having achieved Water Skills Two and gained her 100 metres award. Willow is a member of the recorder club.

Attendance: 287/310

And here is 2001, which was the year I dislocated my knee:

Summary: Willow has been a most friendly, quiet and hard-working girl to have in class this year! She has a pleasant personality and socialises well with her circle of friends. Her listening is second to none and she can put over her views more confidently now. Her behaviour is consistently very good and I am sure all these positive aspects will continue next year.

Language and Literacy: Willow has maintained excellent reading habits this year, showing a high degree of understanding. Her spelling remains very strong and this is reflected in good story-writing skills. She should now develop use of adverbs and conjunctions in her writing to enrich it. Her handwriting remains excellent.

Mathematics: Willow has a natural instinct towards numeracy and has worked hard this year to develop her skills further across all maths areas. She is showing more confidence now in her work on multiplication and division, showing ability to partition number within this process; and recent work on translating shapes within co-ordinates reveals how she is able to persist with an idea and not give up if at first she finds it difficult. Her tables knowledge is very good and practice should continue.

Science: Willow’s scientific knowledge and understanding is very good and this is reflected in high test results throughout the year. She is able to make sensible predictions, observations and measurements and records her results neatly using relevant scientific vocabulary.

Other areas of experience and knowledge: Willow generally works hard and enthusiastically across a range of the other subjects we study. She tells me History is a favourite and has recently been developing research skills in out topic on ‘Houses Through The Ages’. In Geography she has investigated opinions into road building issues and in ICT she has made good progress using a data base and screen Roamer. In another favourite area – Art – she has shown originality on pattern design, and imaginative flair is a feature of her Technology. She is developing very good group performance skills in Music.

Sports, clubs and other interests: Willow has her 200m and 400m swimming badges. She has been a keen member of the recorder club.

Attendance: 277/306

Here's some footage and photos from this kind of age, note the photos near the end are of me in various recorder club 'concerts'!


Here are the swimming awards mentioned in my reports:


And here are some photos I have from PGL:

The raft!

Our group leader and me at breakfast:

Our timetable, which I won:

And my certificate for taking part in the whole thing:

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