The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome - Part Three


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Chapter Thirteen - Wrong Decision 

Here's my final report of primary school:

Summary: Willow has been a pleasure to have in class this year. She is polite, attentive, quiet and well behaved. She has worked hard to maintain an excellent standard in all subjects despite frequent short absences due to illness. Homework tasks have been completed with diligence and returned to school promptly ensuring the formation of good study habits, which will be needed next year. She forms good relationships within her friendship group and gets on well with the teachers and adults in school. She participates in all aspects of school life, including Dare, as had shown team spirit when representing the school. Well done, Willow, and good luck at your new school. We will miss you next year.

English: Willow shows considerable flair in all aspects of English and has achieved very high marks in all English tests this year. She is an excellent communicator, having mature speaking and listening skills, and uses and extensive vocabulary when conveying her opinion to an audience. Begin an avid reader has further expanded her vocabulary, which is evident in her extended writing, and she shows an in depth knowledge of the text when questioned. She can write at a high level of accuracy in grammar, spelling and punctuation for a variety of audiences and purposes in an engaging, lively and original style. Her handwriting is correctly formed and joined and her work is beautifully presented.

Maths: Very good progress has been made in all areas of maths. Willow can work independently on complex tasks and has achieved excellent results in recent classroom tests. Speedy recall of tables facts and a clear understanding of mental and written strategies has given her confidence in logically and quickly solving real life problems involving numbers, measure shapes and data handling. She can suggest and use the appropriate method to solve complex, multi-step procedures and can explain her strategy.

Science: Willow has progressed extremely well in all areas of science and grains excellent marks in class tests. She has designed, completed and evaluated fair tests involving materials and how they can be changed or separated, recording her results in a variety of formats. She has worked well on her own and is cooperative in a small group, as shown in investigations about forces. In the Earth and Space project, she grasped the concept of how time is measured by the orbits and rotations of the earth. Recently she has shown an excellent understanding of how all living things have life processes in common and can appreciate how plants and animals have adapted to their environment.

History: Willow has gained an excellent understanding of chronology and the impact of historical events on our everyday lives. She has completed a class topic on the Vikings, Greeks, Romans and confidently finds information in independent research.

Geography: She has excellent skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of geographical studies and has drawn on these to help her complete topics on Kenya, Settlements and a recent Local Study.

Music: Willow works enthusiastically and has listened to music inspired by a range of stimuli. She has used these ideas to create simple tunes; has looked at different instrumental styles; and has used percussion instruments to create simple rhythmic patterns.

Art: In Art, Willow has created a still life picture, modelled with clay and created a fabric design to form a page in a child’s book. She worked very carefully in completing the shape and shading in her 3D still life composition, producing excellent results.

Religious Education: Willow has taken part in R.E. lessons. Learning about the importance of baptism, conformation, communion and marriage to Christians and the main festivals celebrated throughout the year. She has looked at other faiths, especially Rastafarianism, and how their beliefs affect their everyday lives.

Physical Education: In most aspects of P.E., Willow has developed satisfactory skills and is generally co-operative at an individual level. In swimming, she has achieved her National Curriculum Award, plus 1000m, Water Skills 4, Challenge 2 and Personal Survival 2 awards.

Information Technology: Willow has worked competently in all aspects of ICT. She has used the Internet to search and interpret information. She has used formulas to create spreadsheets and has worked as part of a group to produce a multimedia presentation.

Design Technology: This year, Willow has produced work of a satisfactory standard, whilst designing and making musical instruments and moving toys. She has tasted and evaluated different types of bread, and learned the importance of good hygiene and following instructions carefully when cooking. Her bread topic was completed satisfactorily.

Attendance: 298/348

Here is the towel with all my swimming badges on:

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