The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome - Part Six

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Chapter Twenty Nine - Fiasco

For some reason, I don't have a school photo or report from this year in school. Here's some pieces of coursework I did:

English GCSE - How does Austen present Elizabeth’s changing opinions of Darcy, and how do her responses reflect 18th century values?

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English GCSE -  Macbeth – Act 1 Scene 3 – Explore the Dramatic Effectiveness 

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English GCSE - Film Review - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

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I received either an A or A* for all of my GCSE English coursework. 

Some of my GCSE Art work:

This was a final piece. It was supposed to represent Asperger's - the string represents a journey; the middle of the picture is a tree to represent 'normal' and the string winds all the way around it in a really complex path, never quite arriving there; the puzzle pieces represent obsessions or difficulties that obstruct the journey and normality etc.

You can see it more clearly from this angle - the background is made up of dictionary pages, which are supposed to symbolise intelligence and other traits involving language and words; the fact that they're burnt and incomplete is to show the gaps in our knowledge about how to use language to properly and comfortably communicate.

These are just random practice pieces:

Pencil -

Ball point pen -

Ball point pen -

Paint -

Another final piece (2 versions) - a dark (sad) and light (happy) side of my personality:

A project where we were supposed to create a sculpture of some kind which represents us - I think I was going for a Tracey Emin style...There's lots of things which represent obsessions, but also things to represent different disabilities/health conditions, and also some different textures that I like etc.:

I was getting straight A's for all of my artwork.

Here are some snaps of me outside of school -

This is from a walk I went on with my Mum; I was supposed to be at school but I was extremely anxious about it and so we went and chilled out in the forest for a bit to try and calm me down:


With my Mum on Mother's Day:

On a day out with my Asperger's group:

And then it all went downhill - here is the letter the school requested that I get from my psychiatrist:

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