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Chapter Thirty One - First

When we first started dating, we spent a lot of time driving around and talking - we went to this place a lot, always around sunset:

Here're the soft toys on the dashboard in our first car - the one we got air in coming over the bridge! There were eventually five toys, and they sat in the dip just to the left of where they are in this photo:

We went to Alton Towers a couple of times - we now go every year around Halloween, just as we did that first year:

Oh and we won this bear - the upside down one with his arm on backwards; yeah he's ours - he's called Bromley:

Oh and here is Darwin (we bought a lot of soft toys!):

He came with us on lots of trips - this one being to Manchester to see In Flames (I couldn't get tickets last minute, but here's Chris with Anders Fridén):

And here are the videos from around this time:

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