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Chapter Three - Parachute

Around my birthday every year, my village had a 'fete' for May Day - in 1997 I had entered the art competition with a painting I'd done of our red Ford Sierra on the beach. I won first prize and was extremely proud!

Another painting which I was proud of - for some reason, it was professionally framed, and my Mum had it up in our house for years! I remember thinking I'd done it hyper-realistically...

When I went to the bank with my Mum, I would always, always get the to stamp the little paying in slips with a Winnie the Pooh stamp - I have loads of these! It was like a routine for me to get one done every time!

 Here's a short video of my first day at school in the 'pre-school/reception' class:


Here are a few of my awards from my time in infant school:

Surprisingly, despite hating sports and not being very good at it, there was one thing I won every year at 'Sports Day': The Egg and Spoon Race! This is from 1998, but it's the only one that I wrote what I won it for on, and they looked the same throughout school, so it doesn't really matter!

My school report for 1997:

English (Speaking and Listening): Willow can follow detailed instructions accurately. She participates in speaking and listening activities and her comments and statements show maturity, although she sometimes needs to be encouraged to contribute.

English (Writing): Willow’s writing is neat and very well-formed. She uses her knowledge of keywords and phonics in her independent writing.

English (Reading): Willow is a fluent and expressive reader. She deploys skills such as word building, using contextual clues and her knowledge of initial letter sounds.

Mathematics: Willow has a keen awareness of many basic mathematical concepts and a very good comprehension of mathematical language. She can solve practical addition problems using appropriate materials and methods, and can say what processes she has gone through to do so. She can devise mathematical patterns using 3 or 4 objects, and can tell the time competently.

Science: Willow has an enquiring mind and can make sensible inferences from her observations. She is quick to understand new concepts and to use correct scientific terms. She loves anything of an experimental nature, and can record her observations accurately.

History/Geography/Religious Studies: Willow uses correct chronological terms when talking about the past. She can sequence events in the correct order, and has made sound observations when examining artefacts. Willow has found the British Isles on a globe, understands that countries in different parts of the world have varying weather, and that this affects the lives of humans. Willow is learning about the symbolism of light in religion.

Design and Technology/Information Technology: Willow has designed and made a magnetic toy, a gliding bird, and a flying machine. She uses tools and materials safely and thoughtfully. She has used the mouse, keyboard and maths software effectively.

Physical Education and Games: Willow shows good coordination, enjoys simple team games and has made excellent progress in swimming, particularly in such a short time.

General Progress: Willow is always reliable, helpful and co-operative. She works independently, to a great extent (particularly for such a young child), and her work in all areas is consistently excellent. She is genuinely interested in all aspects of school work and leans new concepts with ease.

Attendance: 62/62

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