The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome - Part Four


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Chapter Fifteen - My Place

My first school report from high school - year seven:

Summary: Willow is a polite, well behaved and extremely able member of the form. She is well organised and works to the best of her ability. This is reflected in her excellent set of reports.

Endorsement by the Year Team: A very pleasing set of reports Willow. Well done. Please now try and improve your attendance. Keep trying hard.

English: Willow is a pleasant, polite, well-behaved student who always produces her best work and I am pleased to report that she is making excellent progress. She offers ideas and opinions when asked and listens carefully to what others say. When working in a small group she supports others, respecting their points of view whilst also promoting her own. Willow responded very well to the work on fiction texts. She has a clear understanding of how writers use language to create particular effects and is beginning to use similar techniques in her own work. She can identify the key features of a range of non-fiction texts and select relevant information from a variety of sources. Willow’s writing is lively and imaginative. She has a clear sense of audience and vocabulary is chosen carefully to convey atmosphere as well as describe events and characters. Technical aspects such as spelling and punctuation are generally accurate and if she continues to develop her range of vocabulary, she will maintain the excellent start she has made. Areas for improvement: Oral contribution and independent thinking.

Mathematics: Willow works hard in class and produces both classwork and homework of a pleasing standard. Three of her missed homework’s were due to her absence. She appeared to struggle earlier in the year with the work we did on algebra but I am sure than given time she will overcome this problem. Willow is a pleasant and polite young lady and a pleasure to teach.

Science: Willow is a polite and enthusiastic member of the group. Her classwork and homework show a high level of understanding. This is also reflected in her end of unit test scores. Willow’s work is always completed to a high standard and she frequently answers questions in class. She needs to continue to ask for help when she rarely needs it. Keep up the good work – well done!

Design and Technology (Textiles): Willow has been designing and making a homework diary cover during her textiles lessons this year. She has used a variety of different techniques, including fabric crayons, hand embroidery and sewing machine work. Willow has been following the national curriculum for technology and has designs and made her own item, based on a design brief given to her. Willow is a lovely student, who always puts in 100% effort to every task set. She is showing great talent in this subject in every way. Her practical skills are wonderful, with superb design work being developed into well thought out and executed practical work. I am delighted with her finished product. She is pleasant, helpful and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching her so far this year. The standard of her homework and presentation skills has been top notch. I cannot wait to see how her talents develop in the future. Areas for improvement: Oral contribution and independent thinking.

Design and Technology (Resistant Materials): Willow has produced some excellent work this year. She is willing to experiment with a ranger of techniques and has a good understanding of practical applications in the workshop. Willow can be a little quiet in group discussions, this is something that needs to be work on. Overall this has been a good year for Willow, well done! Areas for improvement: Oral contribution.

Drama: Willow’s effort and attitude has been excellent this year. She is an enthusiastic member of the group who can always be relied upon to hive sensible ideas. She works with dedications towards final performances and shares suggestions amicably. Her performance work always shows imagination and hard work.

Geography: Willow is a conscientious pupil who has work consistently hard throughout the year. Homework has been carefully researched and presented, making good use of her ICT skills. She has a sound understanding of environmental issues, which was demonstrated in the unit on river pollution. Her contribution to the newspaper article on York floods, which was produced in a group activity, was very good, although Willow states that she prefers to work on her own. Willow can usually draw and label diagrams neatly. She has good map reading skills and is confident when using grid references. Areas for improvement: Contribute more in the question and answer part of the lesson. Concentrate more in the lesson (she seems to daydream quite a lot). Maintain interest in the subject.

History: Willow is certainly one of the most capable in the class and she has produces some good work over the year. Her recent assessment result shows that she as addressed on of her weaknesses which was her ability to sequence events successfully and her result of the L4a test was pleasing. Willow’s main target is to avoid complacency. She has a tendency to complete the task set and then sit still, she must get into the habit of reading it through and looking at how it can be improved. The quality of work is the key to higher levels.

Music: Willow is a pleasant pupil who always tried her best and regularly produces good work. Willow has particularly achieved well when undertaking practical activities. In order for Willow to continue her pleasing development she needs to maintain her effort and focus on her work at all times. Well done.

Physical Education: Willow has displayed the ability to select and combine skills consistently and precisely within game situations and also apply basic tactics. Willow has been able to compose a good gymnastics sequence that satisfies the criteria. Willow understands the benefits of exercise on her health and can lead a warm up session with assistance. Areas for improvement: to continue to develop basic skills covered this year and to continue to develop general fitness levels.

Art: Willow observes with great accuracy, revealing a high level of visual sensitivity. She uses media with both confidence and skill to create expressive work and shows a high level of understanding of the ideas being explored. She must now continue to set herself very high targets and work hard to develop her skills to the highest level – well done! Areas for improvement: Oral contribution.

French: Willow has produced some excellent work in French this year. I have been impressed by her enthusiasm and willingness to make oral contributions in lessons. Her written work is immaculate – this is very encouraging. If Willow maintains this approach then I’m sure that she will go on to be very successful in languages.

ICT: Willow has worked hard all year and produced excellent work. She has produced excellent presentations about herself with a good use of animation and detailed information. Her leaflet for a school subject had an excellent layout and good information from a spreadsheet model. The work on evaluating Internet websites was excellent with detailed observation. She has also produced 3D designs for rooms. She needs to maintain her current effort and high standard of work. Areas for improvement: Oral contribution.

Religious Education: Willow is developing an excellent understanding and knowledge of religious beliefs and practices. She has produced some excellent work such as her piece on symbolism in Christianity. Her work is neat and shows the time and effort she put in doing it. Areas for improvement: Oral contribution – to answer questions in more depth.

Attendance: 81%

It consistently notes that I need to answer more questions, participate more in group activities and even says I need to stop daydreaming so much!

I put so much effort into school, and I think i shows from the reports, but it hurt me socially I think. My attendance started slipping through junior school, as you will have seen in the previous reports, but I think this was the worst attendance record I'd had. I didn't even have any major issues in this year, I just remember being ill a lot, and having problems with my asthma - which I always stayed at home through, because I was paranoid about the possibility of having to take my inhaler in front of people.

In fact, I did so well in school, that they sent my Mum this letter:

It states that I am 'gifted and talented' in Design, Art and Science. I remember felling really proud, because other students, if they'd been chosen, had only been chosen in one subject, or two, but I had three!

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