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Chapter Sixteen - Worlds Divide

I don't have any photos of me and Robyn for me to include here or in the previous chapter. Instead I mostly just have school related things.

Here is my school photo from this year:

My year eight school report (almost a carbon copy of the previous year, attendance included):

Summary: Willow is a mature and very able member of the form. She works to the best of her ability in class, and this is reflected in the excellent progress she has made in all subject areas.

Endorsement by the year team: Your report is very positive Willow. You have obviously put a lot of effort into your work and it has paid dividends. Well done!

Endorsement by the leadership group: Well done Willow. You are making good progress. I am, however, a bit concerned about attendance. Aim higher.

English: Willow continues to work well and I have been pleased with her progress. Willow responds well to a range of texts and can locate and use sources of information. In her written work, Willow can write effectively for a range of audiences, but she still struggles with spelling more complex words. Areas for improvement: express opinions and talk confidently in class discussions and keep working on improving spelling.

Mathematics: Willow works well although she lacks confidence in her own ability at times. This is a pleasing test result (73%) and one that she thoroughly deserves. I feel she is capable of achieving a better mark in the mental test than she did (20/30) but it is a matter of getting used to working under timed conditions which is often a matter of confidence in the subject.

Science: Willow is quiet, polite and well organised; she is a pleasure to teach. Her test marks reflect her desire to succeed, and her positive attitude. She copes well with the demands in the top group and has a good understanding of the facts and concepts covered so far. Willow has good practical skills and can complete experiments safely and competently. She understands the necessity for frequent revision and thorough learning. She is beginning to make her written responses more detailed in order to gain more of the marks on offer. I would like to see Willow challenge ideas and opinions but this will come in time.

Design and Technology: Willow has made excellent progress in technology. She has worked very hard to improve the quality of her work, particularly evaluations which now indicate clear and realistic suggestions for improving her ideas. In practical tasks she is organised and shows safe use of a variety of equipment. We are particularly pleased with the development and detail shown in her design drawings. Willow now needs to keep working on subject specific spellings. Willow is a pleasure to teach. Areas for improvement: oral contribution.

Art: Willow is making excellent progress towards her target level. She explores her ideas and selects visual and other information to develop her work. Willow has a good understanding of the use of materials and processes which she uses to develop her work to reflect her own view and purpose. Areas for improvement: oral contribution.

Physical Education: Willow has a positive, quietly enthusiastic attitude to PE and is keen to work to her potential. Willow can select and combine techniques and ideas applying them accurately, consistently showing control. She has improved her performance by observing others. Willow can describe what effects exercise has on her body, and how it is valuable to her fitness. Areas for improvement: to extend her tactical knowledge, to further analyse and comment on her own and others’ work and to modify and refine skills and techniques to improve her performance.

Geography: Willow is a pleasant member of the group who is working steadily towards her end of year target. Willow has gained consistent marks for her work and a respectable result in the end of topic assessment. The written section however allowed Willow to gain a level 4 which was below expectation but I have not doubts that with hard work Willow can gain her end of year target. Assessment 31/50

History: Willow is a polite and self-disciplined student who has shown a quiet hard-working approach this year. She copes well with tasks set and is making pleasing progress. I have been particularly impressed with her attention to historic detail and her ability to analyse sources. Nevertheless Willow does need to focus upon developing her verbal skills. I would like to see her become more involved during class discussions. Similarly she needs to continue to hone her source evaluations skills. If she produces a period of sustained effort I am confident she can achieve a credible end of year target. Significant improvement needed: oral contribution.

Music: Willow is a talented pupil who has got a very good ability on the keyboard. Unfortunately, Willow’s ability not to read music is holding her back. Willow needs to focus her attention of learning to read music as this will allow her to fully develop her abilities. Areas for improvement: oral contribution.

French: Willow is a very hand-working student, who had made good progress this year. She has produced some very pleasing class work and obviously takes the learning of vocabulary seriously, as she has achieved some very good results in class tests. I would like her to make sure that she continues to lean all new vocabulary and grammar well at home, as this is fundamental in further improving her language skills and ensuring her continued good progress. I would also like Willow to participate fully in all activities designed to practise French speaking, such as paired work, as this will not only improve her spoken French, but also help to improve her confidence in this difficult area. A very good year’s work so far – well done! Areas for improvement: oral contribution.

ICT: It is a pleasure to have Willow in the classroom – she is always in good spirits. Always produces work to the best of her ability. I am sure that Willow will do well both at the end of this year, and next year. Keep it up – you are doing well! Areas for improvement: oral contribution.

German: Willow has made good progress in German this year and has an excellent attitude to work. She can now write her own sentences and has a good understanding of written and spoken German. Willow needs to continue with this excellent attitude and make sure that she learns key vocabulary off by heart.

Religious Education: Willow is developing a very good knowledge and understanding of Christian beliefs and practices. She has produced some excellent work, such as her work in the Resurrection. Willow participates well and is willing to attempt all tasks. She needs to develop her ideas more carefully and in more depth in order to achieve her potential. Areas for improvement: to answer questions in more depth and to check spelling more carefully.

Citizenship: Willow is beginning to take on a more active role in lessons. Her oral contributions are always well considered and accurate. My only criticism of Willow’s work would be related to written answers to questions – she must not be tempted to ignore the detail and basic sentence construction. Don’t let a moments laziness spoil your overall work, Willow!

Attendance: 85%

My gifted and talented letter, stating that I am gifted and talented in Design Technology, Art, Science and English:

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