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Chapter Seventeen - Bully

Whilst everything was falling apart, and my attendance was plummeting, I was still managing to get excellent grades - here is my year nine report:

Summary: Willow is a mature and able pupil who works to the best of her ability in all subjects. This is reflected in an excellent set of reports. Willow, however, must ensure that absences from school do not prevent her from achieving her full potential.

Endorsement from the year team: Willow has received a very good set of reports which highlight progress being made in all aspects of her studies. Willow must ensure that her attendance doesn’t drop further otherwise this could have a bearing in her end of year target levels. Well done.

Endorsement by the leadership group: This is a good report. Willow must aim for full attendance as she works towards her key stage 3 exams. This will help to ensure success.

English: Willow is a very conscientious student who always puts a maximum amount of effort into her work. This has resulted in her making some good progress since September. She did especially well in her mock SAT exam, achieving a level 7.5 overall. Areas for improvement: in order to improve even further, Willow should work on the composition and effect of her written work. This means considering carefully what she puts into a written piece such as a report.

Maths: Willow is very quiet in class but does ask for help when needed. With continued hard work she should achieve her target grade of 7.5 or even better. She has completed all homework’s this year but I feel that she is capable of reaching a higher standard in them. She made some careless mistakes on paper 1 – the no calculator paper – in the Mock SATs examination and I am sure she is capable of a better make in the Mental Test where she achieved 23 out of 30. Willow needs to realise that she is capable of completing all the work that is asked of her. Areas for improvement: to make sure that she is confident with mental methods; using and applying the maths she has already been taught and to check all answers.

Science: In the recent mock Science SAT Willow obtained a level of 6.2. I am disappointed with the amount of progress which Willow has made this year; this is mainly due to her high number of absences. Areas for improvement: Willow needs to use her revision guide to fill in the gaps in her knowledge. She also needs to use the past papers which have been sent home to improve her exam technique. A thorough and regular programme of revision is now essential if Willow is to achieve her target level.

Art: Willow has a mature approach to learning and she has produced tasks to a very high standard throughout the year. I have been very impressed with her projects and she deserves to be really proud of her efforts. Well done. Areas for improvement: Because Willow attends Art Club I would like her to attempt more GCSE work as this would prepare her if she chooses to take this later on.

Design and Technology: Willow gives 100% to every task she completes. She has completed some excellent research and then used this to complete her design ideas. She works methodically and often independently during practical work and has produced some high quality final products. Due to absence from Food lessons she has not been able to finish her final snack product and therefore needs to ensure completion of all future practical tasks to achieve a level 6. Areas for improvement: to complete all practical work and try to catch up when lessons are missed.

French: Willow deserves the highest praise for her efforts and the way she has conducted herself since the beginning of the year. The quality of all her work in all areas of French has always been excellent. She has been one of the leading members of the class. Willow has now progressed from a mechanical use of the language to a more creative one. Areas for improvement: Consequently to build upon her progress she should extend her reading to broaden her vocabulary. Well done Willow!

Geography: Willow is a very pleasant and mature student who is making good progress towards her end of KS3 target level. Willow copes very well with tasks set and always completes them and extensions to a high standard. Willow presents her work exceptionally. Willow has good subject knowledge and understanding, highlighted by a good end of topic assessment grade (end of topic assessment – 34/40). Areas for improvement: Willow must now continue to work hard making sure to develop her written answers with reasoning and explanations. Willow must also try to add detailed conclusions. If Willow is to achieve a level 7 she must try to develop her independent thinking beyond lessons.

German: Willow has produced work of a consistently high standard this year and all her language skills are progressing well. She puts a lot of effort into her homework and always learns her work thoroughly. Her last test result was excellent. Well done. Areas for improvement: Willow should keep up her hard work and aim at achieving or even exceeding her target level.

History: I am very pleased with Willow’s progress. She produces excellent quality written work containing well supported arguments. She has developed very good source evaluation skills and has the ability to become a fine historian. Areas for improvement: The Holocaust project will give Willow the opportunity to conduct her own investigation. She can use her knowledge to select the most relevant sources and information.

ICT: Willow is an extremely able member of the group who takes a keen interest in ICT and appears to enjoy all aspects of the work. She speaks about ICT in considerable detail, showing a confident use of key words. Her recent work on designing and planning a theme park ride has been good, both in terms of content and presentation. Areas for improvement: I hope Willow can sustain her current interest and enthusiasm towards ICT, hopefully even into years 10 and 11. Overall, year 9 ICT is progressing well. Keep up the good work!

Physical Education: Willow has produced some excellent work within her Physical Education lessons this term, particularly in her homework tasks. She has shown that she understands the relevance of warm-up and realises the benefits of exercise on her health and fitness level. Willow has refined and adapted some of the basic skills learned last year but needs to further increase her knowledge and understanding of the various activities covered in order to achieve her end of key stage 3 target. Areas for improvement: attempt umpiring and referee work in lessons as this will help with knowledge of the game and will increase confidence levels. Attend extra-curricular activities to further develop skill.

Religious Education: Willow is developing a very good understanding of the different religions’ Rites of Passage. She shows empathy and understanding in oral discussions. Willow is always willing to attempt any task to the best of her ability. Her written work is usually of a high standard. Areas for improvement: Willow has the potential to achieve her target level with hard work. The use of evidence to support and the ability to make comparisons between the different religious beliefs are skills that need to be developed to achieve this.

Attendance: 81%

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