The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome - Part Four


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Chapter Fourteen - Aftermath

My first school photo from high school:

Here's a small thank you note from a teacher that I made a poster for (I always, always went out of my way to help teachers out:

And an art award I got very early on in year seven - this was from my favourite art teacher (he later passed away, which I was very upset over, since I learnt a lot from him and he was a lovely person):


Here are some photos from my holiday to Greece with my Dad - for some reason, we've lost the majority of them and I spent a long time trying to find these ones to put here, but haven't managed to find the best ones, which I'm really upset about!

Me in the sea, quite near to our hotel:

The car we rented (which was fairly new at the time)!

And some scenic shots:

I think this is Zante Town (Zakynthos) - we stayed over the cliffs in a smaller town called Tsilivi.


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