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Appendices - Obsessions 

Okay, so here are a few snapshots of some of the collections I've had over the years, or things that relate to an obsession:

Some Tigger things which I made - 

My Tigger hoodie from Disneyland:

A Pooh Bear bag that I've had for as long as I can remember:

Pikachu was another big one, these are my drawings:

Christmas has always been important to me:

Christmas 2013


2011 (I'll stop now!):

Dolphins - I had a lot of books and my room was decorated with Dolphins at both my Mum and Dad's houses, but I don't have photos of any of that really; I did find a Dolphin phase as I was looking through my old drawings though:

Titanic is an obsession that phases in and out, but I'd not realised how long I'd be interested in it for (mostly the film, but since that I researched the actual historical side of it):

Here's an example of random things I can end up collecting - train tickets; I also have a lot of other tickets from things like toll bridges and car parks etc., and they're all filed away with the other souvenirs from that particular day, but my train tickets are all kept together.

Oh and along with stationary (which I still collect now), as I child I collected walking stick badges (no idea why) - here are a couple that never got put onto my walking stick:

So there you go...I don't have easy access to a lot of stuff, though I did drag a lot of it down to make this timeline, a lot of photos are at my Dad's house and I can't be sure there'd be photos of my collections of stuff! 

Here's an illustration of the lifespan of an obsession, as stated in the book:

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