The Other Side: Living With Aspergers Syndrome


Snippets from my book - 'The Other Side: Living with Asperger Syndrome'

Excerpt from Chapter 2 'Orange Box'

"I was vaguely aware that I wasn’t making friends the way the other children were, but I didn’t really know what to do about it. Even then, I would rather spend time with the women who looked after us at playgroup, rather than the other kids my age. If I needed help with making something, I would ask Jenny, our teacher, rather than anyone else. I think other parents stayed to help out sometimes, but I always went to Jenny. I’ve always spent an unfair amount of time with the teacher of whatever class I’m in, but I can’t help it."

Excerpt from Chapter 9 'Small'

"Even though I was older and spent more time in the junior School, I remember more of my time in the infant school. I think it’s because it was less challenging, socially, and so I have more happy memories from there. For me, junior school was the first time I started to notice that people were changing and I was just standing still. It was more towards the end - when I was about 10 - which I noticed it the most. Groups of girls were falling out more frequently and people were more interested in music than they had been previously, whereas I was still just only interested in school. Even at home I would just read, draw or play an instrument (either recorder (which I was in a club for) or my keyboard which my Dad had bought for me)."




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