The Girl In The Panda Hat


Snippets from my book.

Dreams Again

"She slipped in and out of consciousness. Maggie had forgotten what it was like to simply be awake: in our reality. The dreams that plagued her had begun to drag her under more frequently, clouding her judgement, making it too difficult for her to differentiate between her two worlds. She was part of Planet Earth just like every other living creature that populated the ball of life we have come to know as home, but she was also part of something else, something bigger. For most people this other place was a small part of their life, they visited it from time to time, admittedly some more than others, but Maggie had crossed the line, she was losing grip, and no one had any immediate plans to help her."

Categorized and Departmentalized

"Casey was having flashbacks again: in her dreams. In this particular episode of her life she was in her old school. It wasn’t that long ago, but it felt like it to her. At this precise point in her dream, she was only a few days away from deciding to leave the school. She gazed around the dinner hall, quietly assessing her current situation. She observed the groups of girls all huddled together, chatting aimlessly about boys and makeup. She looked over to the boys, casually yet obsessively talking about video games and sport. She even glanced over to where the teachers sat, going through lesson plans and laughing at things unknown to her ears. And then her thoughts drew themselves back to where she stood, dinner tray in hand, as she pondered where she might sit in this hall of judgement. Girls didn’t sit with boys unless they were going out, so that was out of the question straight away. She knew she was different, but not because she didn’t share interests with these people, but because her interests spread themselves over such a wide range that she could sit down in any of the groups here and find something to talk about. This placed her in an awkward predicament because if she, for example, sat with the Goths today and talked about rock music and Tim Burton films, they would get jealous - or suspicious at least, when tomorrow she sat with the popular girls and talked about makeup. Oh how she wished that everybody could just see it her way. To her, people were just people; she didn’t stereotype them into groups. She felt no need to be categorized by what she wore or what music she listened to, or anything else they could think of. And because of her viewpoint on this particular subject, she didn’t really seem to fit anywhere – which would have been fine with her – if people didn’t ignore her for being so obviously unique. And then she woke up, annoyed that she couldn’t just forget all of what had happened there. She left the school for a reason, why must she relive the feelings?" 

Don't Give Up Hope, Don't Let Me Go

Will you be there to tell me my name?
Just in case I should forget,
And will you always be you there just the same,
Don’t let me go yet,
I always wondered why it had to be me,
What did I do?
I’m just waiting for somebody else to see,
Please let it be you,
Maybe one day it’ll all turn out just fine,
Let me be okay,
Why does my life have to be so unkind?
Make it go away,
Memories fade so quickly these days,
Help me remember me,
Keep holding on don’t let me fade away,
Don’t let me fade away.

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