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So Much For A Relaxing Bank Holiday - March 29th 2013

Bank holiday panic attacks.

My Relationship - March 28th 2013

I talk about how mine and Chris' relationship happened and the struggles we faced in the early days.

I Never Went To Prom - March 27th 2013

Having missed out on prom on several occasions, I explain why I'm still upset about it.

Cooking - March 26th 2013

Dyspraxia makes certain things about cooking hard for me, but it needs to be done!

Snow - March 25th 2013

The long winter is really starting to get to me now...

Why I Started Doing Videos - March 24th 2013

Talking about why I made that first video back in 2009 and why I continued with it.

Well, Hello There! - March 23rd 2013

An introduction from me!


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