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Obsessions- June 28th 2013

How I feel about the fact that I get obsessed with things.

Digital Artwork- June 26th 3013

Just me rambling on a little bit about my graphics tablet which I hardly use!

Broomsticks and Videos- June 24th 2013

We had a bit of a clear out this weekend, plus I wanted to explain why it's hard to do weekend vlogs.

Finished Project!- June 20th 2013

I finished my 50 Faces of Aspergers Syndrome project :)

Stories for Children on the Spectrum- June 12th 2013

I've wanted, for almost as long as I had my mascots, to write children's stories with them.

Skint - June 6th 2013

I recently watch the Channel 4 documentary called 'Skint', and these are just a few of my thoughts.


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