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Dear Friends,

I apologize but, for now, my YouTube channel will be set to private. I will also be removing or editing a lot of the content on this site, so please bear with me whilst I make these changes.*

Lately, who am I kidding - for the past year or so, I've struggled to commit to the time and effort that this site deserves. Not only this site, but my YouTube channel and my forum. And I'm finally arriving at a point where I feel I either need to stop, or make some serious changes. I find it hard to put into words why I can't seem to do this anymore, but I simply can't. I am burnt out with all things Asperger Syndrome. I want to focus on doing things because I'm good at them, not as a byproduct of the Asperger's and the community I have built surrounding that. I feel more than ever that I have changed as a person. I was never affected massively by Asperger's, not to the extent that I have seen in people who I have 'met' online along the way, but as I have grown, I feel I am growing away from Asperger's, and therefore, have nothing new to add to the community.

I'm going to be working on artwork and photography, and various other things, completely separately to anything to do with Asperger's, and alongside that, I will hopefully find the energy to put back together this site and my YouTube channel, with some semblance of what I want it to be. I want it to be a helpful resource, but it's going to have to be looking back on things that I struggled with, and talking about why I think I cope better now. But I have nothing to give people, advice wise, on many adult topics, because I work from home and don't venture outside much, I've eliminated huge parts of what I know affected me. I'm sure that if I threw myself into a job and lots of social situations I would quickly have it confirmed that yes, I do have Asperger's, but during my current everyday life, there's nothing to offer you.

As a side note, I will be moving house soon, so I will be absent for a bit because of that anyway. A lot of you may know it's something I'd been wanting for a long time, so to have finally managed to buy a house is a huge positive. Maybe I won't feel so burned out after we settle into our new home.

Thanks for listening,

Bye for now.

*Comment, contact form and shop functionality will not be affected.


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