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The things I sell on here are either things which I have made myself - like the jewellery keyrings and paintings, or things which I have designed and outsourced - like the plushies, t-shirts and badges (though I do make the moustache).

Usually I try and have at least one of everything in stock, if it's the things I have to outsource but it can be difficult due to cash flow. Even when I have to order the item after you have bought it, it still won't be too much of a long wait.

Because I don't sell very much, the items have to be quite expensive because unless you order things like photo prints or books in bulk, you get charged a fortune, plus the postage to send it to me, so I can put in my stickers and invoice etc. I wish I could do things cheaper, but I can't - and that's the reason.

Whatever profits I do make go back into this site, the forum I run for people with Asperger's and also making the videos to help people on the spectrum, which you can see here or on my YouTube page.

Again, because I'm not a huge company processing thousands of orders, the postage costs too have to be high to cover standard Royal Mail services from here in the UK and of course the packaging to make sure your item arrives safely.

I sell products because I'm a very creative person and when I get stressed or down I usually end up creating something, and so it's my outlet - which I thought I may as well share with you guys, raise awareness of the Autistic Spectrum, and help fund things like the forum I run, all in one go! Plus, from time to time, people who follow me ask me if I can put a certain item in the store so they can buy it and help support the things I do, so I usually try and give you what you want if it's at all possible - this is how the plushies were born, as you guys loved my mascots so much!

Anyway, if you do have any questions then please email me here.

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