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Please have a read through if you are wanting to get in touch regarding working with me, or if you have a general enquiry fill out the form at the bottom after reading through the FAQ page!

As a female vlogger on the autistic spectrum, I am more than willing to take part in any documentaries, meetings or interviews relating to Asperger's/Autism, which are going to have a positive impact on people and are going to raise awareness. I have done several videos in the past both for conferences and documentaries but also for a University who were involved in the training of NHS staff. I also did a presentation in Milford on Sea for a group for females with Asperger's, called Wavelength, as well as a question and answer with them.

For a typical presentation, I prepare a talk, which will last around 40 minutes, on a subject of your choice, which will fit with your particular group, whether it be aimed at parents, young adults, women etc., and to go with that I make an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. I can bring products from my store for the group to purchase and get signed etc., as was very popular at my Milford on Sea presentation. After the talk, we can do a 20 to 30 minute Q&A, in case I've missed anything or people are unsure about something I have talked about, or just to chat!

My fee for a one hour presentation/Q&A style event is £50.00 (plus expenses). If you’d like me to attend a meeting or group, please contact me here.

If you would like to talk to me about making a video, please contact me here. As a general rule, if you are okay for me to put the video on my YouTube channel then I will do it for free, but if you need it specifically for you and I cannot use it, then I would ask for a donation of a minimum of £10.00. I am happy to talk about most topics relating to Autism or any of the common themes on my YouTube channel. Please be aware that doing a video takes a lot of time and effort, which is why I ask for a donation if I cannot then share that with my subscribers.

I have previously done a radio interview and an interview for a popular American Autism magazine and would love any other similar opportunities to raise awareness - please contact me here to arrange how your interview will be done (preferably via email).

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