Koby's Toy: The Importance of Sharing (PDF)

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'Koby's Toy' is the first book from the Koby and Friends series and it's focussed on sharing and how it can be difficult to understand that sharing is considered the correct thing to do when playing around other children. Overall I hope you will find it to be bright, colourful and engaging, but not to the extent that it becomes overwhelming for your child. After much deliberation on what kind of font to use, I decided to go with a plain, clear style which should be easy to read for children of all ages.

I don't want to set an age range for the reader because I think that Autistic children are all so different that this style of book will be suited to different ages depending on how much they are struggling with the concept of sharing. I hope that a wide range of ages will be able to appreciate this book, whether they can read all of it themselves, or whether you read it with them to help them understand - though I designed it so that the pictures alone could tell the story.

It is written from the point of view of Koby, who is struggling to realise that other people (in the book, his brother and sister) can also play with his favourite toy, but by the end he decides that he can play with it at the same time as them and they can all enjoy it together.

This is my first children's book, and I have written it in a way which I think I would have responded to as a young child on the Autistic Spectrum, but also, I especially had my brother in mind as he struggled very much with the idea of sharing. 

I hope that the Koby and Friends series can be helpful for children with Autism or Aspergers who struggle with concepts which a lot of children learn naturally, like how to share, or how to cope outdoors, and how to help with anger or anxiety etc. 

Publish Date:  September 8th, 2013  (17 Pages)    

Category:  Children | Social Stories | Aspergers Syndrome | Autism

ISBN: 978-0-9927847-4-4

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