Aspergers Information Pack: Support in School, Relationships and Employment

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This pack includes the full word document of the talk that I gave in September 2013, which covered 'Parent and Teacher Support In School', 'An Aspergers Relationship' and 'Employment: A Way Around the Aspergers'. These topics are available to view in full on my site already, but this download also includes the full Powerpoint presentation which accompanies the talk, as a Powerpoint show, a PDF and with each individual slide as a .JPEG.

The overall theme for this pack is 'awareness, communication and understanding'. 

Here are the links to view the topics, but I hope you will decide to purchase this pack as a way of making a donation, and you do get a few things which aren't already on my site.

Parent and Teacher Support In School

An Aspergers Relationship

Employment: A Way Around the Aspergers

Please keep in mind that these are mostly just my view on things, and the way that I have found ways to cope - or, as with the parts on bullying, the things that I found did or didn't work, and what I wish could have been done, looking back on it now. I've found that, for parents, having a person with Aspergers talking about the things that their child is going through, and explain how it made them feel etc. is very helpful for them.

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