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The Girl In The Panda Hat

Paperback Book | 132 Pages | 2nd Edition November 27th 2013

This is a collection of short stories and poems that I wrote when I was a teenager, struggling with undiagnosed Asperger Syndrome, and other mental health issues. 


I had many issues with social awkwardness throughout school which, coupled with the pressures of growing up, made it a very difficult time for me. I battled constantly with depression and writing was the only way I could deal with my emotions; the majority of this book was written in the midst of a nervous breakdown.


I wanted to look back over what I'd written with the potential of editing it into a book, but as I read through, I decided to release this book, largely untampered with, to help other teens who are finding it difficult to cope, or for parents who are struggling to understand their Aspergic teenager. 


The Other Side: Living With Asperger's

Paperback Book | 376 Pages | Published 2nd April 2014 | Out of Print

I settled on this title because I was diagnosed after I'd already overcome a lot of the issues I was having; so it was like looking at it from the other side.

I wanted to write the book in a style which would be the most helpful for everyone, whether a person on the spectrum or a parent/family member/friend (etc.) of someone who is. After much debate (with myself) I opted to write it in two halves, which run parallel to each other. The first half is my story and how I’ve navigated my way through life. The second half is all advice based; things which I found to be helpful (or unhelpful) and things which, looking back, I feel would have been useful to my situation.

I hope this book has helped, and continues to help, other people with Asperger Syndrome, and their families. I hope that my experiences and the way I have dealt with situations will guide others so that they can further understand themselves, feel less alone, and hopefully go about getting the help they need – whether that’s a diagnosis, or just ways to cope as a person on the spectrum, in a world full of people who see things differently.

In the book I talk about my childhood and how that fits into place and makes sense to me now that I am diagnosed. I also speak about my struggles through school and my teenage years, and how this was the most difficult time in my life, but was also when I found out I was on the spectrum. I then go on to talk about my ex-partner and my life with him at the time; my various projects on raising awareness of the Autistic Spectrum and how I have learnt to cope with being an Aspie living in a normal world.



Paperback Book | 206 Pages | Published 12th September 2017

After being asked to talk about relationships, many times over the years, I finally decided to just go ahead and start writing and see where it took me. This book is my take on relationships, both romantic and platonic, through the eyes of someone who was mentally abused as a child and young adult. Alongside my Asperger Syndrome, the additional diagnosis’ of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder have massively impacted my ability to navigate the world of human interaction.

It’s more like a piece of art, because it’s not just chapter after chapter, it’s a collection of notes, diary entries, letters, poems, photographs and illustrations. Through these various mediums I openly share my thoughts and frustrations about the difficulties of friendship, the heartache of romance and the aftermath of mental abuse.