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As you probably know, I'm WillowHope and I'm the founder of the Aspergers Forum 'Asperclick'. I have Aspergers Syndrome, Dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Disorder and I spend my days writing, making videos and posting on the forum to try and help other people on the Autistic Spectrum.

From here you can keep up to date with (and comment) on my blog. I will update you all on my latest videos and what not; you can also see my Twitter feed on the right hand side. Please also browse around the store and see if anything takes your fancy. If you do buy anything, I just thought you should know, I ship all items with extra goodies like stickers, because I can't help spoiling you! Any profits are put back into things like the forum and the YouTube videos, and I still put my own money towards those as well, so it's really not about the money. I take your suggestions of things you'd like to be able to buy and I try and get it made - like the plushies of my mascots - Koby and Friends.

Please remember to look at the competitions page as I usually like to have something going on there, plus I've got a photography gallery, where you can request prints if they're not already available. I also paint and I do custom work, which you can message me about if you like - plus I do graphic design as well, a brief portfolio and price list is here. Oh and don't forget to sign my guestbook!

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A New Approach

My new book 'The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome' allows the reader a close look into the mind of an Aspie, and has a visual timeline to help tell the story.

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